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Everything Yoga Silk Eye Pillows
Everything Yoga Silk Eye Pillows
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  • Perfect for use in meditation and relaxation, our Yoga Eye Pillows come in three different colors
  • The gentle outer material is made of your choice of cotton or silk, and for Yogis seeking an aromatherapy meditation, we offer lavendar scented eye pillows, on top of our regular unscented pillows
  • Our Yoga Eye Pillows are all filled with flax seed, and the scented ones contain lavender flower petals, a well-known aromatherapy scent used for relaxation
  • Individually wrapped, our Yoga Eye Pillows are a popular item to have in stock for your clients to purchase in your Yoga Gift Shop
  • Lightweight and soft silk fabric
  • Filled with flax seed 
  • Scented Pillows are filled with Lavender flower petals
  • Individually wrapped
  • Measures 8" long
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