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Everything Yoga Mayan Yoga Mat Bag
Everything Yoga Mayan Yoga Mat Bag
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Carry your yoga mat easily and comfortably with our colorful handwoven Mayan Yoga Mat Bag. This unique yoga mat bag is a generous 30'' long and 11.5'' wide, making it a perfect fit for both the 1/8'' and 1/4'' sticky yoga mats, plus maybe a yoga strap, water bottle, or even a change of clothes. Made of 100% cotton, this extremely high quality and fashionable mat bag has a strong, reinforced strap. Fully lined and padded on the inside, with a large drawstring opening to easily pack away a yoga mat or two, plus a large zippered pocket on the outside to carry keys, wallet, etc. -- this is sure to become your favorite bag both to yoga class and around town!
- Bright, colorful, and made from 100% cotton

- Lightweight, easy to carry with an adjustable shoulder strap

- Reinforced zippered pocket

- Easily fits all your essential yoga props

- Fits both 1/4'' and 1/8'' mats
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