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Everything Yoga Gaia Eco Yoga Mat
Everything Yoga Gaia Eco Yoga Mat
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The obvious choice for environmentally-conscious studios, spas, and gyms is our economically priced Gaia Eco Friendly yoga mats. Made from a newly developed, innovative environmentally friendly closed-cell Nitrile/Buna N Rubber(NBR)foam, these "green" yoga mats are free from any toxic materials. Their low apparent density reduces weight without performance loss, and the Gaia foam does not contribute to greenhouse emissions. Resistant to most chemicals and petroleum products, our Gaia Yoga Mats won't break down when they become wet. The super soft high resilient foam offers great support and give extra cushion for kneeling poses and jump-backs, while providing a fantastic comfortable feel, slip resistance, and resistence to cold and heat. Best of all, our eco-friendly mats are easy to clean and have great shock absorption.

Excellent for Yoga Mat, Pilates mat, exercise aerobics, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy. Each Gaia Yoga Mat is individually wrapped, and can also be custom printed with your own company or studio logo or design.
- Environmentally friendly

- Measures 70 " x 22.5" x 1/4"

- Free of PVC, Halogen and Phthalate ester plasticizer

- Non CFCs / HCFC's ozone depleting materials

- Stable, has rounded corners, and is soft and flexible
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