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Egg is Enough by Three Minute Egg
Egg is Enough by Three Minute Egg

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8 Eggs and 2 Backpacks for doing yoga everywhere you go!

You can never have too many Eggs, buttwo people practicing at home, eight… is enough.  But what if you’re single?  Should you still consider buying Eight Eggs?  Here are some reasons you might want this package:

  1. Bi-locating — if you want Eggs for home and Eggs for class (or work, or the car, or your partner’s house)
  2. Stiff joints — if you are less flexible and want to meditate at home, using the Eggs to provide perfect posture
  3. Good Feng Shui — you need colors that match the painting on the wall, and the couch, but they don’t go together until you introduce the Eggs, which tie the whole room together and solve all your decorating struggles as well as your yoga needs!

The Three Minute Egg® is ergonomically designed to work with the shape of your body.  The Egg offers an unparalleled combination of comfort, protection and support in both dynamic and restorative postures.  No matter what style of yoga you enjoy, the Three Minute Egg® will add new dimensions to your practice.

Each egg measures 3" x 4.5" x 12"
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