Addriya provides solutions that promote the calming and restorative effects of yoga with the enriched learning environment of movement.

Yoga is an ancient practice developed in India that seeks to enhance the mind, body and spirit mainly through physical postures or exercises called asanas. The aspect of yoga that separates it from other forms of exercise lies in the discipline of purposeful breathing. Coordinated movement aligned with focused breath results in the calming, peaceful state most associated with yogic practice.

Learning is optimized when information is acquired in one’s most receptive state and preferred learning style. Children by default are active-tactile learners. They are natural born scientists; touching, feeling and interacting with their environment. This natural inclination is suppressed in modern education. The expectation for children is to sit at desks and perform numerous paper and pencil tasks. Physical education and movement are often downplayed, yet they are essential to proper development. Research shows that movement and learning are concomitantly related and affected.

The genesis of Addriya came from a passion for developing tools for learning and a love of yoga.